Welcome to Gho Delivery, the ultimate delivery solution. We are proudly established in 2019, Gho Delivery emanates from the highly experienced Ghoshak family, with 75000 + digital businesses under their belt.The Gho Delivery team, headed by S Rajesh and team, is committed to providing small and medium businesses around the world with the tools and confidence required to successfully develop and maintain their own delivery businesses, giving them the power to manage their operations and cut out costly third party fees.  Gho Delivery provides businesses with several useful features, such as an Admin Panel, Customer App and Driver App. Our Admin Panel gives business owners the opportunity to monitor the delivery process from start to finish – from assigning orders to drivers, to reviewing invoices and more.Businesses can also use our Customer App feature to track their orders and delivery status, view driver feedback and review order placed. Additionally, our Driver App feature offers a reliable navigation system to ensure drivers reach their destination quickly and safely, as well as access to driver performance analysis and order completion tracking.At Gho Delivery, we strive to provide businesses with the highest quality features, products and services and ensure customer success.

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Our mission at Ghoshak/ Ghodelivery/ Zorypos is to advance economic opportunity for micro small and medium scale businesses by providing digital tools that streamline operations and help businesses move away from manual, pen and paper processes. We are committed to developing innovative and accessible solutions that grow and support our customers’ success. 

Admin panel

Where you can create your shop, products and Delivery guy’s information

Customer App

Where the customer can view the products they want to buy

Rider App

Where  the driver finds the necessary information to deliver the products

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